Utilities Are In Hot Water, We Aren’t

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Bwog just caught wind of an unfortunate email from the Public Safety VP–there is no hot water or heat. For 4-6 hours, it’ll be like New Amsterdam in olden times!

Update, 4:50 pm: It’s back! no more excuses for your stench…

To the Columbia Community at Morningside:

Please be advised that we have experienced a failure of a high-pressure steam line which effects the distribution of steam for the Morningside Campus. The emergency repair of the University’s steam system will necessitate shutting down the steam system immediately.

We have contractors on site to make the repairs. As we make the emergency repairs, there will be no heat or hot water service on the Morningside campus for the next 4-6 hours.

We will update you if there is any change.

James F. McShane
Vice President for Public Safety

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  1. Anonymous  

    now i have an excuse for not showering today!

  2. yay!  

    Now my room might actually be a comfortable temperature!

  3. anon  


  4. Anonymous  

    This is total bullshit. How could the entire campus have a connected heating system, including all the dorms scattered around the neighborhood, that excludes non-Columbia properties. There is obviously some kind of conspiracy here. Investigate bwog.

  5. Anonymous  

    And yet, EC still has heat AND hot water. Hello perpetual sauna.

  6. Harmony Hunter  

    My evil plan succeeds. Now that I have your attention, can someone please tell me where I can find Harmony?

  7. Anonymous  

    it's not like my room gets heat anyway...

  8. ...  

    Benefits of living in Harmony : )

  9. it's okay  

    there's never any hot water in schapiro anyway.

  10. alum

    is wien still a permanent sauna?

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