Bloomberg For Breakfast!

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Last night Bwog received a copy of Mayor Bloomberg’s public schedule. He’s slated to appear at the Northwest Science building café at 11:30 this morning. We wonder what he’s announcing!

Update, 12:21: Mike B will launch the NYC Urban Technology Innovation Center, a sustainable tech initiative. Columbia is one of 3 schools partnering with the City to work on research for the new project. And one commenter tells us Columbia students helped out last semester. Look at you guys changing the world!




**11:30 AM     Makes Announcement*

Columbia University

Northwest Corner Building – 2nd Floor

550 West 120th Street at Broadway


**Q & A to follow. *

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  1. Anonymous  

    can students watch the announcement?

  2. Anonymous  

    It's for UTIC which is a project that columbia students last semester worked on with the city to find out way for buildings to be more sustainable

  3. totally thought that said  

    Bloomberg for President!

  4. Anon  

    Yeah, I was in that class (taught by T.Cross) and we worked with city government and business interests on a semester-long project for improving the sustainability of buildings in New York. Talk to Cross, Ebrahim, or McGourty for more details.

  5. lolz  

    Can it please be the UTI Center?

  6. Anonymous

    I guess this is a way to make up for that Engineering campus proposal Bloomie floated last month, and the atrocious press release that came with it:


    "During my 25 years of venture capital investing in New York City, I have watched the burgeoning technology sector emerge as an important part of the City’s economy,” said Fred Wilson, Managing Partner of Union Square Ventures. “But I believe there is a big missing piece in New York City’s technology community: the lack of a world-class engineering school within the five boroughs. Today’s announcement is a great step toward creating one."

  7. ano

    Fuck Bloomberg, get the fuck out of here

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