Morningside Almanac: Week of 1/20

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The first Greenmarket of the semester is up and running! Needless to say, it will become more bountiful as the clime warms, but there are still plenty of delicious looking apples and other tasty treats (apple cider, apple donuts…) and some new vendors!

Thursday 1/20:

Winter vegetables... they're art!

  • Both bakers, Merediths and Buon Pane, are expected back from vacation so don’t make other plans for breakfast or lunch
  • American seafood and Broadway Acres should be back this week also
  • While you were away D+J Organics was added to the market with certified organic greenhouse vegetables so stop by and see what is growing on Long Island this time of year!

This Sunday, 1/23, we are expecting:

  • The return of Beth’s farm Kitchen, Mookshood Nursery (organic greens) and Raindance farm.

Don’t forget EBT and Debit are accepted 8am to 2:30pm on both days.

Winter, by Giuseppe Arcimboldo via Wikimedia

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  1. Might be behind  

    but Yayy BWOG for making a cumulative G-Cal of campus events.

  2. Jerry

    "places you can't use flex" that's quite a tag there...

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