Saturday Morning Cartoons: Jedi Mind Tricks Edition

Written by


  1. is this...  

    a rock, paper, scissors joke?
    I'm confused.

  2. Hey,

    this is kinda funny!

  3. This is so dumb

    Just pick up a copy of nyt...

  4. ?

    You mean the New Yorker, perhaps?

    Now, who is dumb?


  5. Anonymous

    I have been following Jody's Drawings since the beginning. He is a clever lad. Not all comics can be hilarious though...but to judge a comics worth, ask yourself if you are happy having seen it rather than not having seen it at all. He definitely has some comics worth of the New Yorker!

    Keep up the good work Jody!

    -Ronnie Dinkins III

  6. Anonymous  

    This is a pretty, correction, really terrible cartoon.

  7. Anonymous

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