ESC: They’re Hiring!

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Sean Zimmermann reports from the first ESC meeting of 2011.

  • Since Senior Class VP Eric Hirani is graduating early, Senior Class President Amanda Tan announced that she will accept applications to fill his position until end-of-day on January 28th. Class council VPs are chosen internally by current members of the class council, along with two other members of ESC’s E-Board.¬†Kamal Yechoor, SEAS ’11, runner up for Senior Class President last year and Class President from 2007-2010, announced that he intends to run for the position. has withdrawn his name.
  • Good news, everyone! SEAS Senator Tim Qin reported that the registrar¬†will now publish exam schedules ‚Äúas early as possible.‚ÄĚ In the past, the registrar did not release exam schedules¬†until late in the semester because the schedules occasionally need minor changes. Qin reports the register will now release this information earlier… Whether or not you’ll be able to book your flight in time still remains to be seen.
  • JJ‚Äôs Place will now offer √† la carte¬†items for students without dining plans. This responds to a common complaint since JJ‚Äôs switched from a pay-per-item grill/mini-mart to a dining hall at the beginning of last semester.

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  1. Kamal  

    Uhhh I am not running.

  2. why

    would anyone want to fill the position for only 3 days? #grammar

  3. ESC

    can we please get our transcripts to show the percentage of A's in? CC kids get that, and we would be at a disadvantage not to show it, considering our classes are a lot more grade-deflated.

    You know, that way employers know a 3.5 is actually pretty good in SEAS.

  4. Sweet  

    JJ's returning to normal would be awesome. Go ESC!

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