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Bwog welcomes you inside our brain as we experience the new Joe…

“It’s like Soho, except cleaner (for now). A Mac-lover’s refuge! But no outlets and they’ll probably need more tables. The chairs are surprisingly light (don’t weigh much). Flooded with sunlight with pick-up sticks molesting peripheral vision from above.”

Courtesy of Evelyn Warner

“Espresso drink sizes are 8 and 12 oz, regular coffee drinks are 12 and 16 oz due to the milk to coffee ratios. Coffee is very flavorful, 10 cents more than Oren’s and you can get in a bowl or a mug. …And the to-go cups have smiley faces!”

“This latte is quite mellow and smooth (almost delicious, infinitely drinkable) compared with their au lait, which tasted like coffee, water, and milk instead of coffee and frothed milk.”

“Tiny spoons, they’re cute! Amelie soundtrack is playing. Everyone’s happy.”

“For Joe’s staff, coffee is not just caffeine fuel, but an art form created in a chem lab. They’re impressively obsessive. Berets and ironic mustaches abound!”

“They got a 26 in Zagat a few years ago.”

“They’re hiring if you know how to do latte art [see above]. They’re also offering some kind of barista courses. Free cupping Thursday 3pm, where you savor the beans. Like a wine tasting or something, but just with a funnier name.”

“The scones have no sugar.”

Courtesy of Evelyn Warner

“iPad cash registers. I wondered where they would put the money? The iPad’s not connected to the drawer though. Cashier reminiscent of Jennifer Aniston. She agrees that 212 coffee is horrendous.”

Courtesy Ben Reddy

“Escalators to campus level!!!!!!! First escalator in an academic building.”

“Coming soon: BEER AND WINE.”

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  1. Anonymous  

    Do they accept flex?

  2. Anonymous  

    I can do latte art! If you count being able to draw a heart, haha

  3. arparp

    i heard them mention they'd be getting better furniture in at some point

  4. Anonymous  

    where is this building?

  5. ...  

    it even has hipsters, complete with slr film cameras and ironic facial hair.

    i give it six months till it goes to limited schedule. six more until it ends up a blue java.

  6. Anonymous

    joes has been around for ages. only the average coffee-uncultured american doesn't know where to go. you go to orens and think you're so cool and off the beaten track blah blah. no. orens is shit. it's almost as shitty as starbucks. you probably think starbucks is actually not that bad... YOU'RE WRONG.

    joes is the way to go. has been since their store on waverly. no seriously. when i got to the states, the first thing i did was to find a decent coffee place. everything else was swamp water -- which is what you think is normal. it's not. enjoy real coffee now. yay.

  7. Anonymous

    Coffee is nothing but dirty bean water.

  8. Coffee Snob  

    At last some decent coffee in Morningside Heights.

  9. Anonymous

    My life would be much better if they sold beans. Anyone know?

  10. Free Cupping?  

    Sorry, Joe; you've got to at least ask me to dinner first.

  11. Anonymous

    Do they give out / accept the same loyalty cards as the downtown locations. I have a bunch of partials that can finally be put to good use if so.

  12. Anonymous

    According to NY Times they're doing pour over drip coffee! Amidst all the darkness of this semester, a little light in the middle of the tunnel...

  13. Possible?  

    The cafe au lait was probably "watery" because it's a latte but not made with espresso but with regular coffee... which is basically espresso + water?

    The Joe peeps know what they're doin.

  14. Awesome, but...

    they're claiming they can fit 100 people. How?!

  15. Swag Coffee Lover



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