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Huzzah! The votes are in and the winner of Bwog’s “Name the Northwest Corner Building Before Some Other Rich Guy Pays To” poll is NoCo! Thanks to you, the Northwest Corner Building now has a name befitting its slick architectural style and the shmancy Joe’s Coffee inside.

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  1. Anonymous  

    Northern Comfort!

  2. Anonymous

    Whatever, I'm still calling it the Panopticon.

  3. ...  

    congratulations columbia! it has become apparent that the collective sum of your creative chops is equal that of a cheesy real estate speculator trying to upsell the ghetto! hurray?

  4. ...  

    i propose we name it the sprayregen center for community development. or spray for short.

  5. Anonymous

    I'm gonna try to make this happen...like I did with fetch

  6. Anonymous

    i'm not calling it that

  7. He who named it NoCo...

    Thanks, Bwog! =)

  8. Team NoCo  

    I'm with NoCo.

  9. NoCo, cooler than  

    fro yo, hipper than Soho, givin' business to Solo (trademark), NYU saying "Oh no!"

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