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Columbia University recently announced that Ralph Izzo, SEAS ’79, will deliver this year’s SEAS Class Day address. If you haven’t heard of him, let it be known that Izzo is kind of a big deal. With a BS and MS in mechanical engineering and a PhD in applied physics, Izzo has graduated from Columbia quite a few times, so we imagine he’s heard his fair share of Class Day addresses.

As Chairman of the Board, president, and CEO of the New Jersey-based Public Service Enterprise Group (PSEG), Ralph Izzo “makes things work for you.” PSEG is a company that specializes in “safe, reliable, economic, and green energy,” so Izzo takes his environmentalism very seriously. As Dean Peña-Mora states in the university press release, “Ralph Izzo is a national leader in the fields of energy, nuclear policy, and climate change, all areas that greatly impact the world today…He exemplifies how engineers are making a difference across the globe, helping to solve complex problems that we all are facing and making the world a better place in which to live.” On the whole, Izzo looks like a good guy, even if he is from New Jersey.

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  1. H- to tha IZZO! V, to tha izz-A

    Fo' shizzle my nizzle used to dribble down in VA.

  2. SEAS to tha IZZO! V, to tha izz-A

    i meant to say "SEAS" to tha izzo..

  3. Kind of a big deal?  

    Izzo has many leather-bound books, and his office smells of rich mahogany?

  4. class day jizzzzzzzzzo

    the dearth of comments on the seas class day speaker would lead one to question the volume of engineers reading and responding to bwog. (or reading and responding at all....?)

    or other things.

  5. Angst-Ridden SEAS Kid  

    I've been reading seniors complaints about their class day speakers for 4 years and I finally get my shot! wtf, man - the guy doesn't even have a wiki. Can't we just unthaw McCain and bring his wrinkled ass back?

  6. Anonymous  

    Lame. SEAS really knows how to get great Class Day speakers. This guy seems as interesting as well....Public Service Enterprise in New Jersey.

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