Shake your Tuchus at Bar Mitzvah Hour!!

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The insanely awkward levitation game--a bar mitzvah party staple

Grab your dancin’ shoes and head over to Lerner Party Space for the best hour of Dance Marathon: Bar Mitzvah hour. Bwog’s told there will be PRIZES.

It’ll be just like David Weinstein’s party in the Teaneck synagogue basement, only you won’t be wearing braces.

Update (9:05 am): Here are some shots from last night’s boogieing. Look how much sweaty fun they had! Keeping sending your bestest photos to tips@bwog.com

Photos by ESW, SG & Anonymous tipster. Thanks dudes!

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  1. Amazing shoutout  

    Teaneck, Capital of American Jewry

  2. Anonymous  

    best part of CUDM
    Amazing DJ

  3. What time  

    you cocksuckers?

  4. Anonymous  

    ahhhhh such a blast!!!

  5. Hahahaha  

    hilarious posting Bwog!

  6. if only,  

    every other person in the levitation game circle were face down...-sighs-

  7. Bossjan Nachbar  

    DJ Deefine dominating bar mitzvah hourrrr

  8. Anonymous

    best hour at cudm by far!!

  9. Anonymous

    I never really understood these kind of events... is a big incentive (aka, dance party) really necessary to fundraise? Whatever happened to the direct cash donation?

  10. Isn't

    David Weinstein a professor in Econ?

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