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There’s more to Columbia faculty than cute nicknames and good music taste. They also invent, prod, design and destroy all kinds of nifty things. In our newest feature, Bwog takes a moment to look back at this week’s science news, from the ultra-specific to the just-plain wacky. The headlines were compiled by our Northern Side of Campus Correspondent Ricky Raudales.


A scientist!

  • Still can’t connect to Times Square’s wifi? You can now ping Columbia’s Rachel Sterne, the city’s first chief digital officer.
  • Columbia’s Dr. Mukherjee has published a book chronicling the history of cancer and providing a six-point formula to help battle humanity’s killjoy in India.


  • H1N1 hates itself—A team which included Columbia researchers found swine flu survivors have super immunity to multiple strains of influenza.
  • Researchers at Columbia successfully extracted stem cells from healthy teeth. British not amused.


  • Obama reminded Americans that Sputnik was just a shiny quadripod.
  • Columbia’s Richard Sloan explained why skipping along to “Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go” won’t solve your health issues. Sorry Kingsmen.


  • Columbia launched its Bamboo Bike Project, providing cheap, reliable transportation in sub-Saharan Africa. Bwog wonders how long we have until hipsters start buying them.


  • Thanks to a Columbia scientist, iPads now have a purpose—exploring deep-ocean trenches.

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  1. Anonymous  

    Bamboo Bikes:


    Real bike riders race on them too! Pretty sweet.

    There were two b-school students who rode them to class last year.

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