1. aaahh  

    This sketch cracks me up.

  2. wooo

    the gift that keeps on giving

  3. Yess  

    So glad they chose us to fulfill their one funny skit per month requirement.

  4. This shit is corny  

    seriousla you guys. Corny.

  5. Anonymous

    Uh Andy Samberg isnt in this.....Bwog!

  6. Anonymous  

    This was the worst skit on SNL last night

  7. That

    sketch was pretty awful and yesterday's episode was not that good, but SNL has gotten better in the last year where it is tolerable to watch.

  8. you people have a very strange and boring

    sense of humor. i didnt even crack a smile watching that. how is ANY of that funny?! i might have found this funny back in 9th grade theater class but we're in college now...

  9. Anon  

    Yeah, I must say, I didn't find that particularly amusing.

  10. Yeah  

    It might have been funny if the sketch had actually been about the drug bust instead of the reporter.

  11. SNL

    SNL has refused to be thoughtful since the 2000 presidential election. All their sketches appear to be topical, but current events are always just vehicles for their cast to act dumb and expect us to laugh. At this point, I wish they would take out the "live" and just start showing some sufficiently old re-runs.

  12. Anonymous

    jewish humor is fucking lame

  13. Anonymous  

    You must be braindead if you find that funny
    Thanks to Bwog forposting it but what a bad sketch

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