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Alleged Attempted Robbery Results in Arrests

Last night, Bwog received a tip that there appeared to be some people who were arrested on College Walk. Spec now reports that two children attempted to rob a 19-year-old student outside Butler a little after 8:30 p.m., and these children were then arrested by NYPD.

When asked for a statement last night, Public Safety informed Bwog that there was “activity on College Walk, but we have no comment on the situation.”

Stay tuned for updates. If you have any pertinent information, please let us know at

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  • Yeesh. says:

    @Yeesh. Kids these days…

  • I Knew It says:

    @I Knew It Financial Aid is now using child labor.

    1. bwog, says:

      @bwog, please favorite this.

      1. bwog says:

        @bwog does what it wants!

  • Why did facilities says:

    @Why did facilities …close the gates next to Butler leading to 114th?

    1. Joe says:

      @Joe It isn’t frat boys that are accused of the crime. Given that the robbery occurred on Broadway between 115th and 116th, what problem would closing the gates at 114th solve?

      1. Joe says:

        @Joe Ignore that. I didn’t see your headline. Sorry!

  • Anonymous says:

    @Anonymous so much wrong here.

    – i always felt safe once i got to college walk…
    – 8:30 pm!? i guess they had to get home before bedtime…

    1. Well says:

      @Well I actually have to agree with the whole “feeling safe once you get to College Walk” thing. I’ve never had any reason not to,

  • Anonymous says:

    @Anonymous I swear, if a kid tries to rob me, I will straight out punch him in his face, regardless of his age.

    1. you're says:

      @you're obviously not from the ‘hood. talk is trash, homie

    2. I swear says:

      @I swear If a kid approaches me, I will punch him in his face, regardless of age.

  • Roflcopters says:

    @Roflcopters this whole thing is ridiculous.

  • L.L. says:

    @L.L. I never did trust those toddlers on college walk…”laughing” in their little “sweaters”…

  • 8 year old aggressor says:

    @8 year old aggressor “The student requested anonymity because one of the aggressors threatened the students.”
    Translation: the student is a pussy.

    1. Anonymous says:

      @Anonymous The kid said he would get his Dad to kill him, dumbass

  • I would says:

    @I would imagine that these assailants have a remarkably dysfunctional family life. I’m sure that there are quite a few 11 year old robbers and would-be robbers out there, although not many, but the concept of an 8 year old robber is almost inconceivable. Likewise, I’m sure there are quite a few boys that would engage in this type of activity, although not many, but I suspect the number of girls that would engage in it is smaller by several orders of magnitude. Funny as the story is, something is quite wrong here.

    1. yo says:

      @yo cool story bro

    2. Anonymous says:

      @Anonymous a shame for the kidz

  • Anonymous says:

    @Anonymous if this were during the school year, then it would be shocking. A sense of safety on campus is absolutely necessary. We should be thankful that it takes the irrational motivations of two children to attempt a robbery on our campus. I am glad that the students were not injured, and I pleased to see the thieves’ easy apprehension.

  • Anonymous says:

    @Anonymous According the ever-veritable B@B, some punk tried to steal a student’s iPhone…said student chased the guy down and wrestled his phone back.

    Public Safety is USELESS. Paper-lion rubber guns.

    1. yeah says:

      @yeah I saw it happen. It was really crazy, the kid was like 13 years old and clearly looking for a fight, but the student refused to hit him.

      All of this happened between 115th and 116th on Broadway….and public safety was NOWHERE to be found.

  • Actually says:

    @Actually about eight weeks ago a girl got her iPhone stolen on 110th between Broadway and Amsterdam. The guy started to run east on 110th towards 1020 when I hit him in the chest and then choked him out. I had him on the ground and unconscious until Public Safety rolled up to the curb and just sat there for like 3 minutes. I mean I’m a white guy in a pea coat with a bunch of papers and a book on the corner of 110th and Amsterdam…what are the odds that I may be associated with CU in some way? Then add to this that I am choking a person on the ground and one would think they may investigate. One of the girls in the group started hitting me saying “stop you’re hurting him” in a typical CU “don’t blame the person, blame the historical narrative that brought him to this point” way. I eventually let him up as the Public Safety officers just sat there in their SUV looking at the whole scene. He staggered down Amsterdam to 109 and disappeared. Later after I left 1020 some NYPD officers were outside and the Public Safety guys pointed to me and said I was the one who took the assailant down. The cops asked me what happened and when they found out that Public Safety just sat in their vehicle for several minutes while I had the guy on the ground they indicated disgust and that this was apparently par for the course in regards to Public Safety’s incompetence. The reason I write this is that I’m sure that Bollinger and the rest of the Low bureaucracy never hear of Public Safety’s failings and this should really stop. These lazy cowards need to start doing their damn jobs instead of making sure no one is drinking underage or sitting on the piers.

    1. Anonymous says:

      @Anonymous Viva la citizen’s arrest! I would have just held the assailant down and called 911

    2. I was in a similar situation says:

      @I was in a similar situation except, I got 5 stars and the entire police in the city looking for me, but then my frieken cat tripped over my power cord and I didn’t really get to save the game.

      1. LOL says:

        @LOL i can’t believe columbia is in gta iv

        1. Right?!?!?! says:

          @Right?!?!?! thats what i was saying. Columbia university is called Vespucci university and morningside heights is varsity heights. Worst names ever.

          1. Anonymous says:

            @Anonymous christopher columbus (“discovered” america) = columbia u
            amerigo vespucci (explored americas, gave name to continent) = vespucci u

            It’s not random, but a parody of sorts.

    3. SWF says:

      @SWF be my boyfriend plz?

    4. ... says:

      @... sitting on the piers? what piers?

      1. Anonymous says:

        @Anonymous the two concrete structures that jut out from either side of low’s steps that have the big lamps at each end are often called the piers.

    5. props says:

      @props the BA on your degree don’t stand for bachelor of arts

    6. JUST SAYIN says:

      @JUST SAYIN um…historical narrative? shut up. yeah, he was committing a crime, but you said you had him on the ground and unconscious, and were still choking him out…maybe you were actually, i don’t know, hurting him? there are ways to restrain someone that don’t involve undue force. good job and all, but you still sound like a douche.

      1. umm says:

        @umm cry some more delicious tears for criminals please? oh give me a break.

      2. . says:

        @. you’re just the type of idiot he was talking about. congratufuckinglations.

      3. I hope says:

        @I hope you get mugged. Let us know that is like.

    7. Joe says:

      @Joe Did you report the problems with Public Safety to anyone in the administration?

    8. ... says:

      @... bwog is for white people

    9. Anonymous says:

      @Anonymous Next time you choke someone out, turn your thumb towards your face. It increases the pressure on the carotid arteries…makes it faster. Remember to let go when they piss themselves and do the chicken. Good job, man.

      1. Anonymous says:

        @Anonymous When I hit him in the chest with a palm strike it spun him around so I was able to just use a sleeper hold.

      2. spoken says:

        @spoken like someone who has never been in a fight

  • wow says:

    @wow good job, public safety.

  • Anonymous says:

    @Anonymous Bwog, investigate public safety incompetence! Confirm the above comment or something.

  • Emma Watson says:

    @Emma Watson This sort of thing would NEVER happen at Brown– besides us students I don’t think I’ve ever seen human life in Providence.

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