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B-School 2.0: Trendier Than Uris

DSR's previous projects include a building made of mist

Columbia has announced the next step in its plans for Manhattanville. In the wake of a $100 million donation earlier this year, the architecture firm Diller Scofidio + Renfro has been chosen to design the new Business School. The first architects to win a MacArthur Fellowship will draw up plans for two buildings, some of first to join the Jerome L. Greene science center on the new campus.

In a press release issued yesterday, Diller stated: “Our challenge is to support Columbia’s progressive new approach to business education with architecture that participates in pedagogy and that animates a public center within the new campus and its richly layered social and industrial context.”

Although DSR might be more familiar to you as the architects of the High Line, (part 2 opening this spring!), as well as Alice Tully Hall and that cool grass thing at Lincoln Center, the firm has previous connections to the University. Two of the three partners have Columbia degrees: Scofidio has a BA in Architecture, Renfro, a Masters. The firm’s profile also states that they are in the process of designing a tower for the Medical School.

The rest of the projects slotted for the initial phase of Manhattanville expansion are new homes for SIPA, School of the Arts, and for the Columbia Secondary School for Math, Science and Engineering, a public school for high-performing students in Upper Manhattan that opened in a temporary space in 2007, as well as renovations to the University-owned buildings on the south side of 125th Street: Prentis Hall and faculty apartments.

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  • 2013 says:

    @2013 wait, so does that mean we get to destroy uris? pleeeease say yes

    1. Anonymous says:

      @Anonymous It means we (undergraduates) can take Uris over, but knowing them (administration), it likely won’t happen. Unless, of course, we protest and take Hamilton over once again!

      1. Prediction says:

        @Prediction Knowing Columbia, the entirety of Uris will likely be taken over by the new and improved student advising system that you visit once in your four years there. The top floors of Lerner will then be filled with packing peanuts and sealed off because keeping all that packing material in the tunnels was just getting it dirty. Everybody wins!

    2. Alum says:

      @Alum Uris is ugly, but we’re stuck with it for the foreseeable future. CU can’t afford to demolish and replace such a large, functional building just because it’s unattractive. It will be adapted for other uses. That probably means for the humanities and/or social sciences.

  • For three years says:

    @For three years I thought B-school referred to Barnard. Guess I was wrong.

  • CC 11 says:

    @CC 11 Awesome!!! DSR is pretty much the coolest firm in architecture, and if Manhattanville is going to happen, at least it’ll have some baller architecture.

    1. woo says:

      @woo fuck yeah! the ivory tower better look mad prestigious!

    2. i think says:

      @i think renzo piano is cooler, but thankfully they’re doing the rest of mville

  • You Sir, says:

    @You Sir, make trolling too easy.

  • Anonymous says:

    @Anonymous How about making the residence halls less dumpy


    @*APPLYING ANTI-HIPPIE CREAM* First comment on this article, before any other comments appear – perfect chance to apply the anti-hippie cream, which, if this brand of repellant works, will deter any hippies of making future posts on this article such as

    “first they kick out the low income families, then they decide to build a BUSINESS SCHOOL extension there?!????”
    “MBA guys :( :( :( ”
    “give b-school tools a poisoned cookie plz!”

    If any comments arise that are similar to those given test cases, then the medication proved unsuccessful and we must then use alternative methods, such as those involving firearms and anti-hippie-personel-grenade launchers.

    1. Anonymous says:

      @Anonymous Less than a week after the massacre in Tucson, you’re representing the b-school by advocating that people resolve their differences through grenades and handguns instead of actually discussing the issues regarding the expansion. That’s your solution to legitimate criticisms of Columbia’s expansion into Manhattanville and the financial industry that threw millions of people out of work. Just because they don’t agree with you. Bravo. Living in this country just keeps getting better and better.

      1. ... says:

        @... pretty sure the OP was joking.

        1. ehh says:

          @ehh I was not joking. I hate hippies and their attitudes towards the rewards that hard work brings. The people I care about most are my parents, siblings, and future wife and kids – if I could work hard to give money back to them and give them a nice standard of living, then I would have *lived* in this world…Giving back to society is one thing, but my immediate loved ones come first, and sometimes I’ll have to step on the heads of complete strangers in order to give back to my loved ones.

          in other words, fck you hippies.

          1. A lot of the time says:

            @A lot of the time it’s not hard work. It’s kissing ass and hoodwinking people. Not that that isn’t hard, but it isn’t the hard work Columbia cut us out for.

            1. ehh says:

              @ehh well, true, but it depends on what you’re doing. not all (in fact, MOST DO NOT) B-School students go onto what hippies call “toolish” career choices like investment banking.

              B-School is called *BUSINESS*-School for a reason – it’s the business of businesses. I want to go to B-School because I have entreprenuerial aspirations (as do many) and want to start my own BUSINESS…if anything I’ll be creating jobs and giving back. But I’ll still be a B-School student. I should not be generalized as a “tool” which is the word all hippies throw at guys like me.

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