What even is a line, anyway?

PoliticalLine: Our very own Jeffrey Sachs (director of Columbia’s Earth Institute) did not approve of Obama’s State of the Union Address. Media caught up with him on a bus from Zurich to Davos. That’s usually where Bwog goes, too, to express disapproval. (WSJ)

HawkLine: Apparently we’re not the only news outlet with a thing for hawks. While comforted by this recent outburst of hawk-news, we’d like to think that Hawkma could take either one of these guys in a pigeon-eating contest, or whatever it is that hawk drama consists of. [Warning: Some of these are graphic!] (CityRoom, NPR)

EconomyLine: Columbia’s $6.5 billion endowment performed the best out of all Ivy League endowments last year. Yale’s was the worst. Ha. (Bloomberg)

JealousyLine: Speaking of other schools, we thought we should break it to you early that NYU has a snow day, while we do not. Blerg! (NYU)

StressedFreshmenLine: An annual survey of college freshmen reveals today’s record levels of stress, compared to the past 25 years. We feel that this excess of stress can be attributed to lack of snow days. And, also, because school officials don’t use Columbia’s (best performing!) endowment to buy a lot of snacks, and then keep them in accessible places around campus, all the time, though we try to compensate for this. (NYT)

Image via Wikimedia.