It's time to take responsibility.

New York schools are increasingly suspending students for even minor rule violations. Just ask Postcrypt. (NYT, Spec)

Columbia econ celeb, Joseph Stiglitz, criticizes Obama’s economic policies while talking to media at Davos. Why does that sound so familiar? (Bloomberg)

Criminal Sexting! Barnard TA, Igor Sorkin (of no relation to Aaron), was charged with texting naked pictures to a police officer posing as a 14-year-old girl. (Spec)

Rachel Sterne, a 27-year old adjunct professor at the B-School, is now New York City’s first Chief Digital Officer. Bwog hopes she’ll let us add Bloomberg on Facebook. (Capital)

Columbia has started administering OWL tests to some grad students. Next, there will be magical duels on the Steps. (PRLog)

Another one of the countless reasons to deactivate Facebook: it will suck your soul dry… science proved it! (Slate)

Columbia students get good grades! Keep studying, kids! (Spec)

Image from Wikimedia Commons