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Bwoglines: Things are Happening Edition

Imitating Wikileaks—it’s a thing! Assange-wannabes across the globe are creating their own whistle-blowing websites. (Reuters)

Bwog is wondering what happened here.

P. Diddy is being sued for $1 trillion by a woman in Los Angeles for, among other things, causing the 9/11 terrorist attacks, putting her son (who he apparently fathered) in the hospital, and stealing her poker chip worth “zillions of dollars.” Bwog thinks people need to cut down on the hate. Diddy’s just a bad boy for life. (NME)

Recession? What recession? Goldman Sachs head honcho Lloyd C. Blankfein gets a hefty raise this year, moving up from a paltry $600K to a $2 million annual salary. Damn, it must feel good to be a banker. (DealBook)

iPhone/iPad credit card swiping—it’s a thing too! Yet another reason to love going to Joe’s at the NoCo. It’s cutting edge! (The Week)

Kim Clijsters wins the Australian Open singles title! Check out more Australian Open coverage here. (NYT)

Photo via Wikimedia Commons

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  • Anonymous says:

    @Anonymous oh, and Egypt.

  • damn it feels good to be a med school girl says:

    @damn it feels good to be a med school girl $200,000 in medical school debt.
    $60,000 in previous Ivy League undergraduate debt.

    + 1 Investment Banking boyfriend.

    All Debt Cleared!!

    whooo :)

    ps. any UPenn undergrad alums here? :)

    1. and with says:

      @and with Obama’s healthcare plan have fun making enough to survive

      1. Confused says:

        @Confused How so? If more people have health insurance, then more patients will visit doctors and will actually be covered.

        1. hahahah says:

          @hahahah please take an economics class before you speak…that’s not a necessarily a good thing.
          Plus studies show that people don’t necessarily get that preventive care even if they have it for free…Just look at our medicaid system idiot

    2. pennalumna says:

      @pennalumna My parents paid for Penn undergrad (million thanks), but the grad school loan is ALL mine (no banker boyfriend in the picture). Be thankful!

  • anonymous says:

    @anonymous “Things are happening?” Bwog, were you too hungover to come up with a more cohesive bwoglines title?

  • Anonymous says:

    @Anonymous did anyone notice that the woman suing P.Diddy is 31 but “thier son” is 23?

  • things? says:

    @things? what kind of things?

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