Imitating Wikileaks—it’s a thing! Assange-wannabes across the globe are creating their own whistle-blowing websites. (Reuters)

Bwog is wondering what happened here.

P. Diddy is being sued for $1 trillion by a woman in Los Angeles for, among other things, causing the 9/11 terrorist attacks, putting her son (who he apparently fathered) in the hospital, and stealing her poker chip worth “zillions of dollars.” Bwog thinks people need to cut down on the hate. Diddy’s just a bad boy for life. (NME)

Recession? What recession? Goldman Sachs head honcho Lloyd C. Blankfein gets a hefty raise this year, moving up from a paltry $600K to a $2 million annual salary. Damn, it must feel good to be a banker. (DealBook)

iPhone/iPad credit card swiping—it’s a thing too! Yet another reason to love going to Joe’s at the NoCo. It’s cutting edge! (The Week)

Kim Clijsters wins the Australian Open singles title! Check out more Australian Open coverage here. (NYT)

Photo via Wikimedia Commons