Another semester, another overhaul in the confusing world of Barnard food politics. Bwog breaks down the changes in Dining Services.

  • Lunch Take-Out: Taking a cue from friends across the street, Barnard Dining Services announced in an email that the new Lunch Take-Out program will be sort of similar to John Jay’s. “When you enter the cafeteria and have your ID card swiped, you will need to print your name and time of entrance on a log-in sheet at the check-in counter,” they wrote. We predict this traffic jams galore. During the 11:30-3:00 lunch period, students will use take-out containers to package their lunches. But because of the new option, “the to-go coolers with pre-packaged salads and sandwiches will no longer be available.” Womp womp.
  • Why now?: Dining Services director Al Sorbera explained that feedback from students spurred the development of the to-go option. “”We work closely with the students who serve on the SGA Food Advisory Board, whose members provide feedback on dining services at the College,” he wrote. “Last semester, the students let us know that the previously provided To-go boxes were preferred over the pre-packaged products.” They really do listen!
  • Rumors Dispelled and What’s to come: Although Sorbera says no other changes are currently in the works with Barnard’s meal plan, rumors are swirling that Barnard access to Ferris Booth will soon be restricted. Sorbera says this is inaccurate, but, when Bwog approached the employee at Ferris Booth’s entrance on Tuesday, she mentioned that Barnard students are no longer allowed to eat breakfast there. For now, lunch and dinner are still permitted as long as students have meal plans. She didn’t know why these changes were enacted. Oof, it’s tough out there in Barnard dining land. In the mean time, eat strong and beautifully!