Barnard’s New Digs: Strong & Beautiful 2.0

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Following recent redesigns of the Columbia website and Cubmail’s homepage, Barnard got its own online makeover today. The revamped Barnard site features flashier effects, but you’ll probably be too distracted by the collage and Fidelity-esque blue stripe in the background to notice all the techie magic.

In the past two years, we’ve seen major web design overhauls for Student Affairs, SEASColumbiaCubmail and now, Barnard. Still there’s one eyesore left: Courseworks. As one DevFest lecturer said, “Just imagine a world…with a prettier Courseworks.” We can dream!

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  1. this  

    makes Columbia's redesign look really, really bad.

  2. Anonymous  

    YESSS colette mcintyre is in the barnard video
    so glad she is reppin our school

    • Colette  

      1. thanks anonymous commenter
      2. 8 THUMBS DOWN? haters gonna hate. In the words of J Dilla, "Don't worry bout the haters you can shake they ass/When they can't get they taste of the cake they mad".

  3. Just imagine...  

    ...a world with a prettier eBear.

  4. Proud Columbia student  

    Barnard is always a step behind Columbia. And I love how Barnard tries to pass off the Columbia buildings in the background of that "About Barnard" photo as part of the Barnard campus... Face it ladies, you don't go here!

    And finally, why on earth is there a boy among the girls at the desk on the top panel? Again, stop deluding yourselves that you go to coed Columbia!

    • OH NOEZ!  

      What's worse is how they include all of Manhattan in that picture. Now the world will think NY is part of Barnard's campus and it'll de-value my residency!!!!

      • Proud Columbia student  

        First of all, I was referring to the "About Barnard" photo below the top panel. The photographer clearly intended to associate this Barnard student with Columbia by capturing the Columbia campus' iconic Beaux-Arts architecture in the background (interestingly it takes up about a significant 1/3 of the photo).

        And another concern: The image of the Empire State Building (top panel) is entirely incongruous with the other images closely tied to the Barnard campus (n.b. the "Columbia University" subway stop belongs to the city and lies at the southeast corner of the Barnard campus, so I think it is acceptable for the webmaster to use it as a point of reference).

        So you're partially correct, Ms. "OH NOEZ." You have one New York photo. But sweetheart, the rest on the panel are strongly Barnard associated.

        I must admit, the only redeeming feature of the new web design is the photo of that girl between the ESB and the subway stop. Her legs look *fabulous* in those skinny jeans and boots! Oh the lipo I would have to get those... So don't bemoan your Barnard ties, you really have some gorgeous women on your campus. :-)

    • cici  

      Dude, they came out with the websites approximately a week apart, which means that they probably started at the same time - even likely that Barnard started before CU did, since they have less resources and money to throw around. It's not like they saw CU's brand new website five days ago and had a panic attack, like "we need damage control! We need to get our shit together!" and scrapped together some last-minute redesign in two days (though I must agree that I'm not entirely in love with the new look).

  5. i dunno i think  

    the new website looks unprofessional

  6. anon  


  7. Anonymous

    Dueaaa I love yoouu

  8. I love Barnard

    but it does bother me that they wear Columbia graduation gowns. Just sayin'.

  9. Anonymous  

    well i think it shows off the best of barnard and what it offers (and yes, that does include columbia and new york city)
    but really, an updated website was long overdue. the whole thing fits so well together and is very professional.

  10. cici  

    Also, all women's colleges and institutions feature boys, to make a point of not scaring off prospective girl students. Kind of like \yes, we're going to be focusing on you ladies, but that doesn't mean you can't have a boyfriend!\ Just look at Wellesley and Smith's websites - boys on the front page. And it makes a lot more sense for Barnard, especially considering the fact that a good 1/4 of the people wandering around campus usually constitute guys.

  11. wow  

    mackenzie salenger

  12. BC  

    Appreciate the effort but the website looks pretty terrible. Where are the colors?Columbia's is the worst of the Ivies; does Barnard's really have to be worse than ALL the seven sisters?

  13. that shot

    is a still from a video about Barnard students. It was just a pretty place to shoot a video.

  14. Anonymous  

    Blonde Girl--
    It is pronounced Leeeeee - man lawn.

    That is all.

    Also, Colette be sexy.

  15. WTF  

    no she dont bitch, she looks sultry.

    you obviously go to barnard, the bitch of columbia.

  16. COLETTE  

    stop reading this.

  17. Diluting my degree

    Just went through a graduate interview process that lasted several months, and every interviewer spent the entire time grilling me on the quality of my degree. They were all like "your 3.9 would be impressive, but we heard that there's a womens college affiliated with your school that largely self-identifies as a separate entity but occasionally includes Columbia buildings in pictures, has the Columbia name on their diplomas although they are signed by a different person, and offers the same classes you take, so you really have the equivalent of a 2.3 from brown. Also, your extracurriculars and standardized test scores are meaningless because an extra 600 students--all with vaginas--have the option of listing Columbia as their undergraduate institution on their resume despite matriculating via an admissions process considered somewhat less selective."

  18. anonymous  

    wait... that graphic at the top of the screen is awful. it makes barnard look like a summer camp.

  19. anonymous  

    also, the pictures are so obviously posed that I'm getting uncomfortable.

  20. stop

    stop writing stupid ass comments and go study or something....everybody at this school is ugly, fart faces

  21. anon  

    hahahah what a dumb fuck. that's the chrysler building.

    humiliation ftw

  22. Anonymous  

    The thread of comments here are highly entertaining.

  23. anonymous

    \and I never learned to detect satire. Also, the time I waste making fun of Barnard students is probably indicative of my jackassery and hilariously cliched Ivy superiority complex\

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