Forget Hersheys, We’re Talking Single Origin

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Like this, except chocolate

How does place of origin affect chocolate? Is chocolate from Madagascar better than Ecuadorian chocolate? Are you a dark chocolate person? Can you stomach a 100% bar?

Even if discourses on chocolate aren’t your thing, eating it has to be. ¬†Make your way down to Lerner East Lounge between 9 and 10 pm tonight for a single-origin chocolate tasting with The Culinary Society.

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  1. Anonymous  

    after this event, i had to go on the hershey highway (to the toilet). this thing was a piece of shit.

  2. Anonymous  

    yo bwog, i just slid all the way from butler to broadway in my boat shoes. it was fun

    • agreed  

      black ice is everywhere. Watch Columbia have school anyway though

    • Claire  (Bwog Staff)  

      Me too! It was fun. http://news.columbia.edu/home/2298" rel="nofollow">Less fun: "The University plans to open for normal operations tomorrow, Wednesday, Feb. 2. The National Weather Service is forecasting freezing rain overnight that may result in "a light coating of ice." As a result, "Motorists and pedestrians are urged to use caution." We understand that this may affect the morning commute and we will continue to monitor weather and travel conditions."

      • cool  

        thanks for the heads up, columbia. when i fall and break my head open tomorrow i'll remember that i shouldn't be upset because you reminded me to use caution.

      • Anonymous

        Columbia doesn't cancel classes because very few people at this school commute. Not wanting to go outside in the ice isn't much of an excuse; travel isn't exactly dangerous for people walking a max of six to ten blocks to school.

        On the more absurd front: Chicago got 19" of snow last night, but University of Chicago students, most of whom live off campus, still have class. And their shuttle buses aren't running.

        But really. Does anyone actually think they NEED to go to class? No snow day necessary to skip!

  3. me

    All you idiots complaining sound like little girls. There will be ice on the ground. Boo boo!

    It's winter in New York. Are you surprised? Get over it.

  4. Anonymous

    your opinion is irrelevant, sexist

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