Columbia Students Safely Return from Egypt

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Ellen Morris, Academic Director of the semester abroad program, confirmed the Columbia students studying at NYU’s Amheida archeology program were safely evacuated from Egypt yesterday evening. After stopping in Dubai, they are due back in New York City today. “For the rest of the semester,” Morris writes, the CU & BC students will be studying abroad in the Village (in NYU housing).” All the way downtown!

We’re very happy to hear you’re all safe!

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  1. The real danger

    is that ice out on the walks, it is so bound to get somebody hurt. I slid like 10 times today, my neck hurts.

  2. YAY  

    Happy you guys are home. Be safe in the Village, I hear the hipsters can get restless.

  3. Hmm  

    I recall the VShow program from a few years ago mentioned a discarded joke idea about a long distance relationship with someone from NYU. Perhaps this years C Team should revisit that basic idea...

  4. Anonymous  

    participating in the demonstrations would have been the real study abroad.

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