NoCo in Pictures

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In case you haven’t noticed, Bwog is kinda a fan of NoCo, a.k.a. the Northwest Corner Building. Check out some photos of our beloved building!

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  1. whoa

    that roof view is incredible. is it open generally or do you need to sneak up there?

  2. Please

    take down the roof photos, we don't need everyone knowing you can get up there?

  3. Anonymous  

    very convenient leaving out uris in those middle two

  4. Housing  

    Hi Ravi, can we have a word with you?

  5. The roof  

    I want to go to there.

  6. Anonymous

    holy shit that second picture is amazing!

  7. oh shit  

    first picture is bhallin'

  8. Blah  

    Off-topic, but Bwog folks seem to always have answers: does anyone know if you're allowed to wear a shirt in the pool at Dodge or Barnard? It says that you need to wear "proper swimming attire" and a bathing cap at Barnard; does that exclude a shirt if you want?

  9. uh  

    in the third picture, that pure, bright glint from the north east corner of low... i think that's prezbo smiling... at me.

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