Who Doesn’t Love Erotic Edibles? (Updated with Photos)

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Free foods tonight:

Courtesy of Habitat for Humanity. Visit them tonight at 8 p.m. in Earl Hall Auditorium, and have a look at their photo exhibition while you’re there.

Alternatively, you might want to stop by The Culinary Society’s Erotic Cake Competition. 10 different teams will be tested on their cakes’ taste, originality, and appearance. At the end of the event, one team will be crowned the “Master-Bakers.” All this really means is 10 different choices of edible erotica for you to take your pick from. Lerner East Ramp Lounge, tonight at 9 p.m.

Update: Photos by Ravi Bhalla from the Erotic Cake Competition are below!

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  1. Anonymous  

    friggin' sorority screaming.

  2. Anonymous  

    yo i was really disappointed. "you can only come in if you bring a cake or want to watch the judges!" i came to eat some frosted penises GODDAMMIT

  3. Anonymous

    I so totally creamed by pants.

    Get it? Cream?

  4. Anonymous  

    Bottom right corner looks like someone shat around a badly swollen vagina. Not judging, but um...hygiene, people?

  5. this is why...

    ...you're all fat asses and virgins.

  6. Um

    Y'all are either bad at making cakes or don't know what genitals look like.

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