Morningside Restaurants Might Be Dirtier Than Your Nussbaum Single

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A couple of these signs were spotted in local eateries.

Apparently Columbia students aren’t the only ones getting grades in Morningside Heights.

Our favorite neighborhood restaurants were undergoing some pretty intense midterms of their own, recently, and according to the New York Health Department’s most recent data analysis, they didn’t do so well. DNA Info and amNY report that the Morningside zip code (which it’s worth noting that they’re defining as 10026—phew) has a higher concentration of dirty restaurants than any other Manhattan neighborhood. So that’s sort of like we won, right?

A highlight:

“Factors that may cause a restaurant to receive a low grade include rodents, roaches or other insects, keeping food too warm and dirty dishware.”

Bon Appétit!

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  1. Anonymous  

    actually the owners/workers at koronet's are outrightly homophobic, so i really wouldn't eat there anyway....

    • Anonymous  

      How so? Not doubting you, just wondering what your experiences have been.

      • Anonymous  

        i heard they refused point blank to sign on to the safe morningside campaign which declares businesses a safe space for lgbt students; apparently looked disgusted when asked

        • No offense, pal

          But you hearing that in the wind, without proof of any kind or first-hand experience is the most ridiculous thing I've heard as a reason for banning something.

          I've been in there once or twice after one of those first Friday gay events and everyone got their pizza fine and I don't recall any comments of sneers. Unless you're a hot girl, overly charming or friendly service isn't what Koronet's known for regardless of what your peen fancies.

          Now I can believe that one-on-one seeing two dudes make out might not be the most normal or comfortable thing for these guys there, but without bubble-bursting, it wouldn't be for a lot of people.

          I mean do what you feel is right but I'm not gonna be banning them any time soon. Especially not on second-hand accounts from Bwog.

          What else am I supposed to soak up the alcohol with?

  2. Soooo  

    yeah, 10026 is in Central Harlem. Morningside is split between 10025 and 10027.

  3. Anonymous

    A cockroach leg isn't gonna hurt anyone.

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