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Update (10:30 AM) – The truck appears to have spent the night here.  It’s open for business this morning!

Morningside is a veritable parking lot of culinary magic! Boasting “authentic Indian food,” the Desi Food Truck serves top-notch chicken Kati rolls for just $4.00. Head over to 113th and Broadway and make your stomach smile. Desi told Bwog they are thinking of coming to Morningside every afternoon from 3-6 in the near future. A bwogger just tried the vegetarian biryani and can affirm it was “fucking glorious,” adding that the portions are exceedingly generous. You can expect a comprehensive review soon, but for now, salivate over their menu and dream of 3pm tomorrow.

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  1. Anonymous

    Chicken tikka masala for $6? This is dangerous...

  2. Yum

    I'm coming back in two hours. What time is the truck there until?

  3. Yum

    That update changes my dinner plans for tonight. Guess I'll have to wait until tomorrow to try some

  4. That truck

    is psychedelic. and only white people say things like "Oh hey John, that is fucking glorious!"

  5. Gross! Look!

    Nothing comes top-notch for just 4 dollars. I doubt my stomach would be smiling Bwog. Portions are exceedingly generous? Oh sure, just slop on that extra scoop of Curry, no thanks Bwog, btw that lunch sounds horrific.

  6. I'm sorry...

    Bwog, I'm really sorry and I don't mean to be a troll, but you really haven't been too interesting this semester.

  7. where's the beef?  

    this is AMERICA

  8. Anonymous  

    The truck was outside as of 2:30am. Shit is good, too. I had three kati rolls over the course of the evening.

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