Bwoglines: The Bs Are Buzzing Edition

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Fifty dollars? That's like... 14.28 FourLokos. R.I.P.

B is for Bacchanal: The contest for the spring Abacchalpyse t-shirts has officially sprung. See the poster (at right) for more info.

B is for Banks and their Blind Eyes: According to Madoff, they “had to know” what he was up to, but ignored his scheming to avoid getting involved. (NYT CityRoom)

B is also for Beautiful People: Things are happening outside of Morningside Heights! Things like Fashion Week! Check out this slideshow of the most stylish people of Fashion Week. Then humbly put your PJ bottoms and Uggs back on and get to class. (NYMag)

B is definitely for Breakthroughs: Like the one that IBM made with Watson, the computer program who did a number on Jeopardy this week. Although he wasn’t flawless, his promising performance indicates that similar programs could be useful to sort of large amount of information in industries like medicine and finance. Watson’s next stop: hospitals. How much cooler would it be to have a computer diagnose your alcohol poisoning than a real doctor? (WSJ) Update: Watson will be tested at our very own CU Medical Center first! Being CAVA’ed just got cooler. (CBS Local)

And last but not least, B is for “Black-Hearted Buccaneers” and the Bizarre News Content that they generate: Remember the Somali pirate who hijacked an American cargo ship, and kidnapped its captain? Yesterday, a Manhattan federal judge gave him the maximum sentence. Well this really puts a damper on Pirates of the Caribbean 4. (NYPost)

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  1. Anonymous  

    When will they announce who's playing Bacchanal?
    (pleeeeeease be MGMT!)

  2. admirer

    B is for BUCKLEY (Matt!)

  3. Anonymous  

    I'd rather have more money than 9 extra shirts honestly...

  4. Anonymous  

    bwog, "B" is also for barnard... they passed open housing today !

  5. Getting Cava'd...  

    ...doesn't take you to the columbia medical center, it takes you to st. lukes. DERP

  6. Anonymous  

    Bachannal should have a contest for flyer design first, was anybody even trying?

  7. Anonymous  

    I refuse to believe that anyone on this campus wears Uggs.

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