Drinking with Bwog: The Slippery Nipple

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Friends, it’s Thirsty Thursday, and Dribkgin Wit Hbwog is back again! This week, the Columbia Bartending Agency’s David Shiovitz teaches you how to make a Slippery Nipple. Yes… you read that correctly.

This week, we have a new technique for you, called floating, and we’re applying it to one of our favorites, the Slippery Nipple. Once you’ve got the technique down, you’ll be able to prepare a whole bunch of more elaborate floated drinks. The concept is that less dense liquors can “float” on top of denser ones (a good, if oversimplified, rule of thumb is that density increases as percent alcohol increases). This shot is somewhat hard to prepare the first few times, but when you get it right, the visual appeal is well worth the effort.


  • 1 part Sambuca
  • 1 drop of Grenadine (placed in the center)
  • 1 part Baileys Irish Cream


Start off by filling a shot glass about half way with Sambuca. Ideally, you want to use a shot glass that comes to a point at the bottom, but if you don’t have one available, a regular shot glass will do (it just might be a sloppy Slippery Nipple). Next, dip a bar straw into a cup of grenadine, and seal your finger over the top of the straw to suction the grenadine inside. Insert the straw to the bottom center of the shot glass, and remove your finger from the top of the straw so that the grenadine pools in the bottom of the glass (this is where having a pointed glass will help).

Finally, you need to float the Bailey’s into a neat layer on top of the Sambuca. To do this, place a bar spoon just above the surface of the Sambuca and slowly pour the Bailey’s onto the spoon. The spoon will break the impact of the Bailey’s and it should gently spill out onto the top of the Sambuca.

Perhaps the best part of this drink is holding it up and admiring your work through the bottom of the shot glass (I’ll give you one guess at how this shot got its name!).

If you need bar supplies like shaker sets, bar spoons, and muddlers, feel free to contact the Columbia Bartending Agency at [email protected]

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  1. Dear Bwog,

    Thank you so much for this post. I really liek this feayure. I;ve foind it hAS re;;y imprved mu THurdays. i]Ve bee n drinknig thexea ll nifjy snf mow i]m fkdmckd uyiop[@

  2. Wooho  

    Physics is wrong. Less dense as alcohol increases

  3. Oh man...

    We're even nerdy about our alcohol.

  4. True Fact  

    Drinking a slippery nipple will cause nip-slips.

  5. CC'13

    how do i hit on this man across from me in the reference room

    how do i feel less creepy about wanting to hit on this man across from me in the reference room

  6. Well  

    they got lucky in this case. Baileys is lower alcohol, but floats because of the fat in the cream.

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