Bwoglines: Career Ups and Downs

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Being in the job market feels like this at times

Down: Drug Dealing – Police in Queens have announced a major undercover drug bust in Queens that netted 62 arrests. No word on why they decided to call it “Operation: Stampede” but the graphic is cute. (Gothamist)

Up: Shakespearean Theatre – New Yorkers love Shakespeare, judging by the number of Shakespearean plays being performed in New York this year. Overheard (approximately) in James Shapiro’s Shakespeare class: “the stars have aligned and this spring is the best season of Shakespeare I’ve seen in 40 years in New York.”(NYT)

Down: Politics – The 14 Democratic state congressmen senators in Wisconsin have fled the state and are staying in a motel in Illinois so that the 19-member Republican majority and Republican governor will not be able to push through very tough anti-union laws that have inspired mass protests in Wisconsin and Ohio. The Republicans can’t pass laws unless at least one Democrat is present. (Daily Intel, Bloomberg)

Up(?): Journalism – The “news recession” is over apparently, so some J-School graduates will probably end up with jobs. But be careful what you choose, or you might just end up counting pennies for ABC. (Atlantic, Daily Show)

Up: Apple Genius – Cult of Mac has obtained exclusive (read: unverifiable) evidence that Apple will soon be opening a new store in Grand Central. So if you’re going to Connecticut and you have a broken Macbook, you don’t have to go to the giant Cube anymore. (Cult of Mac)

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  1. Anonymous  

    Up: The World -- King of Limbs a day early.

  2. Wisconsonite  

    nice to see Wisconsin featured in national news for once (even for something as ridiculous as this), but it's state *senators*, bwog.

  3. btw  

    what happened to the bwog personals?

  4. Also,  

    I'd say its bad for apple genius, since reports just came out saying steve jobs is gonna die in six weeks (very shoddy i know, but still he is on a medical leave and has pancreatic cancer.)

  5. Anonymous  

    It's nice to see Democrats being hard-assed about something for a change. It's just sad that our political system is such that politicians have to resort to petty tactics such as leaving the state to avoid having a vote. That being said, I hope they stay where they are for awhile. That bill is a vicious attack on working people that goes far beyond a simple attempt to balance the budget.

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