Being in the job market feels like this at times

Down: Drug Dealing – Police in Queens have announced a major undercover drug bust in Queens that netted 62 arrests. No word on why they decided to call it “Operation: Stampede” but the graphic is cute. (Gothamist)

Up: Shakespearean Theatre – New Yorkers love Shakespeare, judging by the number of Shakespearean plays being performed in New York this year. Overheard (approximately) in James Shapiro’s Shakespeare class: “the stars have aligned and this spring is the best season of Shakespeare I’ve seen in 40 years in New York.”(NYT)

Down: Politics – The 14 Democratic state congressmen senators in Wisconsin have fled the state and are staying in a motel in Illinois so that the 19-member Republican majority and Republican governor will not be able to push through very tough anti-union laws that have inspired mass protests in Wisconsin and Ohio. The Republicans can’t pass laws unless at least one Democrat is present. (Daily Intel, Bloomberg)

Up(?): Journalism – The “news recession” is over apparently, so some J-School graduates will probably end up with jobs. But be careful what you choose, or you might just end up counting pennies for ABC. (Atlantic, Daily Show)

Up: Apple Genius – Cult of Mac has obtained exclusive (read: unverifiable) evidence that Apple will soon be opening a new store in Grand Central. So if you’re going to Connecticut and you have a broken Macbook, you don’t have to go to the giant Cube anymore. (Cult of Mac)

Image via Wikimedia