Only Cute Boys Allowed!

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Some nights, Butler goggles just don’t cut it. Certain Butler 209 residents have declared a moratorium on “butt-ugly” boys, relegating them to the infamous Butler 4th floor. To the aesthetically-challenged, consider yourself warned. Bwog suggests that those deprived of Butler eye candy just get out of Butler and ask someone on a date!

Found on a table in 209

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  1. Anonymous

    Oh really? I thought Butler 4 was the designated make-out floor. You know, before you move on to the stacks for the real action.

  2. haha  

    asians go to the fourth floor anyway

  3. Anonymous  

    because the girls at columbia are just waaaaaayy too good looking

  4. come on  

    One woman's scrub is another girl's crush. Don't chase away any man-types from 209, you girls need the distraction. Also - there are a lot of hot guys at other libraries. I won't say which though. Some girls, like me, know how to keep a good thing going.

  5. Anonymous  

    oh please. spare us, girls. everyone knows that Butler 4 is where people actually go to get work done and 209 is where you go to look like you're getting work done. stop me if i'm assuming too much here, but i'm guessing your level of attractiveness is inversely proportional to your intelligence/GPA.

  6. To  

    the author of this sign: your deep-seeded insecurity makes me sad.

  7. ...  

    i'd expect nothing less from columbia.

  8. How  

    do you know that a boy didn't post this sign?

  9. Hume

    The more pleasing they are to be around, the better human beings they must be!

  10. Anonymous

    it's true, no one goes to 209 to get work done
    209 is one giant mixer

  11. Dissent

    209: A perfectly adequate spot to get work done.


  12. reconsidering 209  

    oops, posted in the rotc section. anyhoo, should we all meet up in 209?? Big party??

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