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Senior Wisdom: Julien Reiman

PHE leader. Comedian. And so much more. We’re kicking off today’s Senior Wisdoms with self-proclaimed Beat master Julien Reiman. Name, School, Major, Hometown: Julien Saint Reiman, Columbia College, History, Atlanta, GA Claim to fame: Hosted a Spiritual Cleansing of Butler Library, a recreation of the 1967 Central Park Be-In, a Beat Generation Tour of Columbia, an Ice […]

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Columbia University Marching Band Releases (Another) Orgo Night Statement

Since fall 2016, the marching band has been banned from holding Orgo Night, their biannual roast of all things Columbia, in its traditional location of Butler 209. Despite much back-and-forth with the administration, particularly Vice Provost and University Librarian Ann Thornton, who made the final decision to ban them, the CUMB held Orgo Night outside the next […]

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Happy Orgo Night

While 2017 has unofficially been dragging us through the earth for the past four months, we have yet to truly be roasted. That all changes tonight—Orgo Night is finally here! Bring some water and aloe vera to Butler 209 outside of Butler, and apply to burns as needed. See you there! Orgo Night Spring 2017 […]

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Senior Wisdom: Shezza Abboushi Dallal

Our next senior wisdom comes to you from your favorite SJP babe Shezza Abboushi Dallal on activism at Columbia and Barnard’s best bathroom. Name, School, Major, Hometown: Shezza Abboushi Dallal, Barnard College, History, Beirut, Lebanon Claim to fame: You might know me as the benevolent dictator of the non-hierarchical, democratic students’ organization Columbia Students for […]

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The Answers To Orgo Night

The first day of finals are tomorrow, which means we have a gift for you tonight. It’s not a Sweetgreen discount code, nor is it our roommate’s adderall. Instead we give you this semester’s Orgo Night script (even better than the Orgo exam answer key). Laugh, share with friends, and don’t forget to be offended. Enjoy! […]

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Sing, Goddess, Of Orgo Night’s Script

Want to partake in some late night ~discourse~ with the social justice warriors on your newsfeed? Bwog has got you covered. Take a quick study break and check out our full coverage of Orgo Night: the Columbia University Marching Band’s semi-annual performance in Butler 209 on the night before the Organic Chemistry exam. You can also read through the official transcript below. Be […]

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Orations And Gyrations At Orgo Night

Did you get so caught up in studying for your CC final/reorganizing your entire wardrobe (dammit, Adderall!) that you missed Orgo Night? We scoped out Butler 209 early and got a good seat just so we could bring you the recap. We walked into 209 at 11:25 last night, and it was a lot quieter […]

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Procrastinate With The Orgo Night Script

The Columbia University Marching band, or CUMB, just wrapped up their traditional Orgo Night performance in Butler 209 on the night before the Organic Chemistry final. If you’re finding your eyes are beginning to glaze over from studying, take a quick study break and read over the script from tonight. The band sure did CUMB […]

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Personals: Jared and Salonee

Get ready to fall in love, Columbia. We’re kicking off this year’s batch of Personals with a double-hitter: Jared Odessky and Salonee Bhaman. If you want to take one or both of these awesome humans on a date, email and we’ll set it up (furnished by ten whole dollars). If you don’t, we still […]

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Don’t Forget To Eat And Get A Seat!

At Midnight Breakfast and Orgo Night, respectively! Despite some date-drama, the pre-finals breakfast will in fact be held tonight, as per tradition. Head over to LeFrak for a superhero-themed meal at 11 pm if you’re a Barnard senior, 11:30 if you’re a Barnard non-senior, and 12 if you’re a pleb. Also tonight: grab a seat […]

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Orgo Night: Traditions Come and Go

Traditional: Tonight, at 11:59 in Butler 209, the Marching Band will sing songs and make jokes of questionable taste. Unorthodox: An actually pretty funny promotional video from the band. Unexpected: As an extra credit project for his orgo class, Professor Campos called for original music videos. Here’s our favorite. (Click CC to turn on the captions)

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Only Cute Boys Allowed!

Some nights, Butler goggles just don’t cut it. Certain Butler 209 residents have declared a moratorium on “butt-ugly” boys, relegating them to the infamous Butler 4th floor. To the aesthetically-challenged, consider yourself warned. Bwog suggests that those deprived of Butler eye candy just get out of Butler and ask someone on a date!

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