CU Assassins

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Stealthy. Deadly. Channel your inner assassin bug.

Today marks the commencement of Engineering Week, a 7 day long event featuring a discussion panel, speed networking and …we know you’re skimming right by this to the item of most interest to you non-engineers (and in all likelihood, engineers) signup for CU Assassins starts today!

Registration for the ESC’s annual ‘game of stealth and desire’ continues all this week, at every E-Week event.

For all freshmen, transfers and people oblivious to the unusually high levels of schizophrenic behavior round this time of year, check out the rules.

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  1. could you please  

    why can't barnard participate in assassins? change for next year?

  2. How come  

    this wasn't advertised around campus???1?!?! is it too late to register?

  3. Sameea  (Bwog Staff)

    Nope! You can register for CU Assassins at every Eweek event from now until next Sunday, February 27th.

  4. derrr

    because we don't have free access to each other's dorms?

  5. Barnard Woman  

    Man...I wanna play! :(
    Can some engineers organize a Barnard's assassin?

  6. Bug-a-phobe  

    Damnit, I googled Assassin Bug and watched a video. Now I'm frickin terrified. Thanks bwog.

  7. frustrated human

    haha love the schizophrenic behavior! so excited:D

  8. Anonymous  

    Yessss. I didn't play this last year. I'm looking forward to it this year

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