CCSC: New Routes to Olde Ends Edition

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After the meeting, CCSC gazed into the distance contemplatively.

CCSC deliberates. Brian Wagner reports.

  • The council once again discussed a streamlined, multi-council uniform cosponsorship committee after hearing presentations from the treasurers of the three other student councils, which have all passed the measure. The proposed committee would cut a lot of red tape, saving the sanity of councils and applicants alike.
  • CCSC proposed a revised resolution. The Council asked for a two provisions:  1) Each council may send as many representatives to the meetings as it wishes, though each school would only have three or four voting delegates. 2) If a council chose not to fund a certain event, they would be reimbursed for the amount doled out at the end of the semester. As one of the presenters put it, under the new resolution the money would not be in “one stew pot . . . but four different pots on one stove.” Here’s to culinary excellence! The four treasurers will vote on the revised resolution by email today, and the results will be posted online ASAP.
  • The council discussed the enforcement of Final Grade Deadlines. The university’s existing policy is that final grades are due two weeks after the date of the final exam (or last day of class if no final is given). Since nobody knew the policy exists, many thought it was simply an awareness issue. In a next-level anti-bureaucratic maneuver, instead of just “passing a resolution for the sake of passing a resolution,” the council decided to work with the registrar and other appropriate administrative bodies and allow students to alert the school when they have not received their grades by the deadline. The amended resolution passed unanimously.
  • The last matter tackled was a resolution on McBain gyms. Recognizing how crowded the gym-lounge-thing has been recently, CCSC and ResLife teamed up to provide a solution: sign-up sheets for the machines just like at Dodge. CCSC passed the resolution unanimously though the resolution was only a show of support for the new program. The actual implementation and oversight will be left to ResLife. The sheets will rely on the honor system, but at least you now have some thing besides your impotent clenched fish to wave at that sweaty behemoth hogging the treadmill.

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  1. Ugh  

    The gym in McBain doesn't need a sign in sheet. It is there to be used freely. If you want an oppressive, organized schedule, get your shackled ass to Dodge and participate in totalitarian system they have there.

  2. Mcbain Gym  

    You have up to an hour on the machine. If you want to work out "freely" longer than that, then maybe YOU should get your ass to Dodge so that people can work out in their own building.

    • The point is that  

      with this new system you wont be able to work out freely in McBain anymore; it will be subject to the same oppressive system like that of Dodge. A system where people sign up for machines but never use them. Or they show up 15 minutes late after someone else has already started using it because it was vacant. Then they complain and force the person off of the machine. Or someone will sign up for a machine and use a different one! The horror; the horror!

      But in reality. I don't actually care. I just posted the first comment and this one to be a bit melodramatic and have some fun. Oh. And you fell for it. Stupid.

      • Mcbain Gym  

        whatever. point being is that the rule is that after 5 minutes of no show the next person can use it. It's supposed to improve peoples ability to workout so that people don't hog the machines. If you want to be cute about it then that is fine too! It's only an issue about 2-3/24 hours anyways...

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