Spring is Fickle

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While you slept a slushpocalypse swept away the spring that almost was:

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  1. I dont get  

    the cartoon.

  2. Great cartoon  

    Jason Sun drew a fantastic face for NY Weather.

  3. ronnie laugh  

    The only good thing about the weather was bwog weather. now that thats gone -- weather depresses me.

  4. Anonymous

    They still have the heat off in my building. I can't feel my feet. :(

  5. Puxatawny Phil

    has a bullet coming his way.

  6. omg  

    omg rage comics omg sooo cooool

  7. optimism  

    now, i'm not the most optimistic person in the world, but if you think about (and check weather.com and accuweather) this is probably the last snow of the season.

    although i'm totally done with the snow, i can deal with this last day knowing that sun and spring is on the way (not an intentional rhyme).

  8. Grief?  

    "There's such a thing as good grief, just ask Charlie Brown.."

  9. Anonymous  

    Jason Sun is a dick.

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