ESC: Now You See It, Now You Don’t

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Sean Zimmermann reports from last night’s ESC Meeting.

  • As it stands, Barnard will be “kicked out of LionShare” after June. Barnard will set up its own system.
  • Student Service Representative Lisa Mack reports Housing may get rid of the ROLM phone system and reallocate the money for “more pressing needs” since “everyone uses their cell phones.” Instead, there would be a single floor-wide phone.
  • First year President Akshay Shah is ordering his class’s shirts from India! According to Shah, it’s cheaper, even after shipping.
  • A new ESC Constitutional amendment proposed by 2012 Representative Spencer Almen would remove designated “constitutional review” meetings from the calendar. Under current procedure, the council devotes two meetings in the Spring to constitutional review. Almen claims that the meetings prevent the council from discussing issues that are more relevant to the student body.
  • VP Intergroup Narayan Subramanian presented an updated version of the Co-Sponsorship Resolution. The initial resolution, which would create a new joint-council co-sponsorship committee, was rejected by CCSC as they claimed it would violate its Constitution. CCSC is currently voting on the new resolution via email.

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  1. bc  

    i didn't even know we had access to lionshare....

  2. Wait,  

    What happened to ESC's promise to have John Jay Dining Hall open on weekends!?!?!

  3. BC'12  

    I think a lot of Barnard students don't know about lionshare. Don't we already have our system--Nacelink? or is that in some way connected to lionshare?

    No one uses the ROLM phones, do they?

    • Anonymous

      Yeah, but NACELink sucks. I say this as a Barnard student who has used LionShare successfully to get a great internship.

      And yes, I am well aware of the shitstorm of Barnard hate about to be thrown my way. All my cover letters, resumes, and materials say Barnard on them and I use my Barnard email address because I am damn proud of where I go to school. Bring it on, bitches.

  4. International student  

    Whaaat D: I use my ROLM phone!! My parents call me on it, because it's much cheaper D:

  5. Anonymous

    does that mean barnard is no longer columbia?

  6. Anonymous  

    Was it in the first place..?

  7. Anonymous  

    I use my Rolm phone too. If you are an international student...its cheaper on both sides for people to call you on it....but oh well i guess these decisions have to be made based on the majority.

  8. I am

    an international student as well and have never understood this whole ROLM phone being cheaper thing. My parents call me on my cell and it doesn't cost me anything extra apart from taking away from some of my minutes.

  9. I'm sure

    there will be an option where you get rent a phone for the semester. It's not like they are going to remove all the lines out of every dorm

  10. Anonymous

    um...what is lionshare?

  11. fellow indian  

    yo akshay you get taxed when you ship from india to abroad, the tax is sometimes more than the shipping. check that shiet out. my brother tried it with his wedding invitations and it was mad expensive

  12. Child Labor?  

    Are they possibly cheaper because they're made using child labor?

  13. Logic?  

    Wouldn't it make more sense to go the friendlier route and give us (CC) access to NACElink instead? That way, everyone wins. I keep on hearing about how much better Barnard career services is... so instead of banning them for our system, I want to use their system.

  14. Um?  

    Barnard already can't access LionShare...

  15. Um  

    Buy the shirts from India? Of course he would.

    Whatever happened to Americans buying American-made items?

  16. Lisa Mack  

    Is a rock star.

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