Sean Zimmermann reports from last night’s ESC Meeting.

  • As it stands, Barnard will be “kicked out of LionShare” after June. Barnard will set up its own system.
  • Student Service Representative Lisa Mack reports Housing may get rid of the ROLM phone system and reallocate the money for “more pressing needs” since “everyone uses their cell phones.” Instead, there would be a single floor-wide phone.
  • First year President Akshay Shah is ordering his class’s shirts from India! According to Shah, it’s cheaper, even after shipping.
  • A new ESC Constitutional amendment proposed by 2012 Representative Spencer Almen would remove designated “constitutional review” meetings from the calendar. Under current procedure, the council devotes two meetings in the Spring to constitutional review. Almen claims that the meetings prevent the council from discussing issues that are more relevant to the student body.
  • VP Intergroup Narayan Subramanian presented an updated version of the Co-Sponsorship Resolution. The initial resolution, which would create a new joint-council co-sponsorship committee, was rejected by CCSC as they claimed it would violate its Constitution. CCSC is currently voting on the new resolution via email.