Overheard: Pick a Major Edition

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In John Collins’s metaphysics class:

Collins: You all should come to the philosophy prospective majors open house tonight. There will be a keg, Jager shots, and cake. Due to Phillip Kitcher’s absence, we could probably get away with anything, and of course he still assumes all responsibility.

A TA chimes in: And he has terrible taste in beer.

Collins: Yeah, cause he’s british.

Other TA who is British: HEY!!

A student, who apparently missed the joke, then asked about a drink limit. Collins replied, “Yes, there is a limit on Jager shots, and it is a natural number.”

Seriously, though, class of 2013, get thee to a departmental Open House. You only have a week and a half to figure out the rest of your lives.

Comic via xkcd

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  1. just  

    dont pick economics, everybody does that..visit bwoguncensored.com

  2. This comic is far better  

    albeit completely unrelated to the topic at hand


  3. I JUST  


  4. xkcd alt-text

    As so often, funnier than the comic:

    "I hear Steven Levitt is writing a book analyzing A.J. Jacobs' quest to spend a year reading everything Malcolm Gladwell ever wrote. The audiobook will be narrated by Robert Krulwich of Radiolab."

  5. ...  

    ahhhhhh stressstressstressstressstr-
    oh, wait. I'm in SEAS.
    always a step ahead of you College kids ; )

  6. are these major open houses  

    actually helpful? what do they talk about?

  7. the better exchange  

    later in class—

    collins: this isn't me you know, this is just a persona. like peewee herman and paul reuben.
    student: do you think could you come and be yourself one day?
    collins: no, i'm too embarrassed.

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