JJ5 Sends Chills Down Polar Bears’ Spines

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Some funny business on JJ5–fliers were posted for the non-existent “Columbians For A Cold Earth” with the slogan “Promote, Protect, Preserve, Provide, Procreate, Prokaryote.”

The fictitious faction of conservationist folks were planning the “Polar Bear Vigil” when, oh the irony!, it was cancelled by recent snowfall.

Keep on keepin’ on JJ5!

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  1. JJ5  

    I was wondering what that sign was on about...

  2. jj5 lovin  

    best floor in jj..... lovin polar bears and taking the elevator, bitch.

    • good to know

      that even four years later, jj5ers are a little douche-y.

      anyone else remember putting tape and out of order signs over the 5th floor button?

      but also nice to see some humor in the freshling crowd!

  3. HZ  

    Hahaha Matt Schelke, you think you're so funny...I saw right through this! :P

  4. Anonymous  

    JJ 11 FOR LIFE!

  5. Such silliness

    could only come from a JJ 14er. Matt is too clever for his own good.

  6. Ex-JJ14er  

    We produce the best people. :D

  7. Anonymous  

    I love JJ5 and polar bears, siiigh

  8. hahahah

    global warming is a scam...vote down if youre an insecure liberal

  9. JJ14 2009-2010

    We disowned him, so he doesn't count as a JJ14er.

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