BwogSex: Sultry in the SGO

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Taken in the SGO *wink wink*

In the latest installment of BwogSex, two intrepid students take SGO from a place for business to a place for business time. Don’t forget to send in your sexy questions, sultry comments and erotic (mis)adventures to our annoymous submission box.

Publications and student government groups, please forgive me: I had sex in SGO. “Why? How?” you may ask, and I shall explain. Butler sex, albeit just as exciting and risky, is so cliché. The Butler Sex Badge of Honor just isn’t as big and shiny as this one.  Late one Friday night, when most Columbians were heading to Campo, the Heights, or 1020, my accomplice and I stayed on Lerner 5, innocently studying and conversing about academics—at least that’s what any onlookers may have thought. Once SGO had been dead for about 15 or 20 minutes, it was time. A moment later, I was bent over a table wearing nothing but my skirt. I made sure not to breathe one breath too loud, keeping my eyes pealed for any innocent overachievers passing through SGO on a Friday night. Once the deed was done, we dressed frantically, surprised we had actually gotten away with it. Smug, we exited SGO and then Lerner.  As we headed towards the Carman Gate sporting glasses and stuffed backpacks, we received looks of pity from girls leaving Carman Hall in too-high heels. If only they knew.

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  1. Anonymous

    Isn't there a security camera there (located by the hallway where the mailboxes are, but pointing at the main SGO space)? Some student worker goes into the copy office/security monitor room to make sure there's plenty of tape.

  2. Anonymous  

    Where do you find girls on campus who are actually willing to do to this completely sober???

  3. this  

    made me hard just reading it

  4. CC'13  

    where is the actual sex in this? not hot at all.

  5. dead for 20 minutes?  

    I guess you guys didn't hear me jerking it in the boardroom

  6. note to self  

    use a liner before making contact with any surface at SGO

  7. I know  

    who this was. ::high five::!

  8. Anonymous Public Safety Guard  

    Yes, I jerked off to the whole thing on the cameras and have now submitted it to all my favorite porn sites.

  9. Yeah but  

    This doesn't beat the couple who did it in the igloo last winter! Hint: they were once featured on Bwog...

  10. There are  

    definitely security cameras, as well as a small room in sgo in which to view them.

  11. Justin

    One less lonely girl.

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