The first rule about science is science rules.

When they’re not rocking out or helping the community, Columbia faculty enjoy pushing the frontiers of science. Bwog takes a moment to look back on this week in science. Headlines were compiled by our Northside Correspondent Ricky Raudales.

  • Columbia’s medical superstar, Dr. Oz, known by many for his appearances on The Oprah Winfrey Show, encourages Americans to take healthcare reform into their own hands. On a related note, watching Oprah in bed won’t help you get over that cold sooner.
  • A team of Columbia physicists used quantum mechanics to melt glass in an entirely new way— by cooling it to near-absolute zero. Depending on your wave-mechanical interpretation of reality this may destroy  Thursday’s Glass House Rocks party.
  • An assistant professor is developing a groundbreaking medical search engine named PERSEUS. Bwog hopes it comes with an autocomplete feature.
  • Russian scientists may soon drill into a precious underground lake in Antarctica. Don’t tell B-school, or we could see Vostock join ranks with Fiji.
  • Our very own architect professor, Kate Orff, appeared on TED where she proposed dumping millions of pollution-chomping oysters into New York’s rivers. Students have are reminded to never ever swim in the Hudson.
  • Columbia geologists helped locating New Zealand’s Pink Terraces, a rare geothermal formation considered by some to be the Eighth Wonder of the World. All Harmony Hunter jokes end here!

Image via Wikimedia.