Look long enough: the red seems to recede

Look out for Watson, IBM’s new supercomputer/trivia whiz, who will continue to compete on Jeopardy this week against two of the shows more prolific champions. Watson does trivia without the internet, and can answer complex questions.  The future is now. (NYT/Washington Post)

There’s always a bigger fish: Borders declared bankruptcy! It plans to shut 30% of stores and borrow money because Amazon and Wal-Mart are better. (Bloomberg)

Columbia and NYC beat Obama to the punch—before he announced his Better Buildings Campaign, the pair had already launched the Urban Technology Innovation Center. We predict SEAS will engineer some über-cool managerial name tags for themselves. SEAS… they get jobs! (Clean Technica)

We’re apparently overdue for a major earthquake.  John Armbruster, a seismologist, says, “we’d see billions in damage.  People would probably be killed.” (Metro NY)

Image via Wikimedia