Will there be WikiLeaks merchandise for dogs, too? Photo via Wikimedia.

Libya: Col. Gadhafi still holds on to power. As traders prepare for further reductions in Libya’s crude oil production, futures hit their highest prices in more than two years. (WSJ)

United States: Obama tells the Justice Department to stop defending the act that prohibits federal recognition of same sex marriages. The policy reversal follows weeks of “high-level” deliberations. This shift would mean that the marriages of same-sex couples in states where gay marriage is legal would become federally recognized.  (NYT)

Russia: Beer will be classified as alcohol for the first time, if a bill that passed its first reading in parliament Tuesday succeeds. For now, it is apparently classified as “foodstuff.” Like the contents of John Jay. And speaking of parliament, remember Anna Chapman? The one whose, um, intellect was hot? Well now she plans to run for parliament as a member of Putin’s party. This probably will NOT result in more Maxim photos. (Telegraph)

Something for Every Nation: WikiLeaks releases its official merchandise line. It has a surprisingly large selection of gear, much of which is adorned with the W.T.F. logo. (Gawker)