Wave bye!

Murmurs of a Syrian revolution are beginning, though it remains unclear how many of them are coming from within the country itself. (Al Jazeera)

The City Council approved a bill yesterday that prohibits smoking in a bunch of city-run public places. So basically, there’s nowhere left. Poor, poor grad students.  (Gothamist)

Apparently, exercise is leading to marital problems. Guess we’ll just have to watch 30 Rock re-runs instead. (WSJ)

The NY Schools Chancellor announced a decision to close 10 schools. People booed. Bloomberg announced a proposal to reform (and reduce) pensions for municipal workers. People really booed. (NYT, CityRoom)

Think slush was the worst of your problems? 2/3 of America shivers this morning, in some parts under as much as 20 inches of snow! As our own snow-fall comes to an end, snow-play is getting uglier. Please play nicely. (NY Post)

Could this be the last Valentine’s Day for candy hearts? Quite possibly, since a 6th grader found one that said… um… look for yourself. (Gawker)

Photo via Wikimedia.