We did it with Joe and now we’re doing it with the new Indian food truck. We invite you to enjoy the annals of Bwog’s weeklong experience of Desi…

Noob: “I ordered a chicken kati roll and had them put the spicy sauce on it, and I thought it was pretty damn good.  The chicken is tender, the wrap is just crunchy and crispy enough, and the flavor is powerful and really interesting. As of one week ago, I had never had Indian food, so my judgement is probably poor.”
Credit Elyse DewittExpert: “I had the chicken kati roll, and on the whole, it’s pretty scrumptious. The roti used in the kati roll has a nice crunch on the outside that you won’t find at Roti Roll. People who have larger appetites than I do tell me that the kati rolls are too expensive given the amount of food they give you, but for me, they’re perfect. They wrap the roll annoyingly tightly in paper, which makes it harder to keep your hand clean while eating because you have to keep pushing down/tearing away the paper as you go. I suppose a simple solution to that problem is to just tear off all the paper to begin with, but whatevaaa. Also, be careful when they ask if you if you’d like your food spicy. When they say spicy, they really mean it.”

Complaint! “I had the aloo masala today. Those things are way too small! It’s $4 for one aloo masala at Desi, but you can get two larger aloo masala frankies for only $4.50 at Roti Roll. I didn’t notice any big difference in taste between the two. If anything Roti Roll is better. Desi truck is all hype and isn’t nearly as close to CrackDel.”

Economical retort: “I felt that $4 was reasonable.  It’s approximately the same amount of food as a spicy special, and I prefer the taste and mouthfeel.  We don’t really know if they are planning on catering to the drunken late night snack market, but if they did I would probably prefer the kati roll.  Also, if we want to go for volume/cost here, then koronet wins out.”

Somewhere in the middle: “The chicken biryani was very good, though a bit expensive at $6 since it’s mostly rice. It wasn’t too hot, but had a lot of flavor, and the chicken was nice and tender. All in all, pretty decent Indian food.”

Credit Elyse Dewitt

Complaint! “Twice now they have run out of rice and have only offered kati rolls, which is annoying.”

Frequency: “When I went yesterday afternoon, they said they’d be coming back every day from now on, so yay!”

Complaint! “But they haven’t had dal any of the days they’ve come, and there were over 10 people waiting in line on Thursday night. Assembly is often slow.”

Vegetarian: “The spicy sauces on the aloo masala roll were sensational, and he squeezed fresh lemon juice on it which was delightful and unexpected.”

Portions: “First of all, the vegetarian khati roll is less filling than the chicken, and on a hungry day, I could really go for two. I’d say it’s one for lunch and two for dinner.”

Credit Elyse Dewitt

Photography by Elyse Dewitt