The line at the package center earlier today

Bwog must wait in lines at the package center like everyone else.  And, as everyone else has surely noticed, the package center lines are still horrendous, a month into the semester. As a result, Alex Jones donned his investigative journalist hat and did a little digging…

And found basically nothing. It seems like there is nothing to conclusively report, but Bwog wanted to share its findings because we care!

Package Center:

  • claims that package volume has been “much higher” than in any other January.
  • insists that if students come at times other than right after class, then it really isn’t a problem.

“So why is the volume of packages higher?” Bwog wondered. Perhaps Amazon Prime is the culprit?  If that is so, then students would be buying fewer books from other traditional sources.

Book Culture:

  • The owner claims that sales during the January textbook sales season are “about the same as always.  There is no noticeable difference.”
  • Additionally, Book Culture maintains that they are price competitive with Amazon, so there should be no shift in business.

CU Book Store:

  • Official policy not to discuss sales.

Amazon Prime offers prices that are hard to beat, despite the claims of Book Culture.  So it would make sense that people get their books from the cheapest source.  However, if the volume of the package center was really that much inflated, then Book Culture would have seen some kind of dip in business, and it seems implausible that Amazon traded off with only the CU Bookstore.

Bwog’s Conclusion:

  • Something sinister is going on here.
  • Did anyone else’s Economist get bounced as undeliverable??