Bwog’s kinda fascinated by the 140-character nuggets of wisdom dispensed from PrezBo’s twitter. We even tried tweeting him once… it was awkward. Anywho, PrezBo’s not the only Twitter-ing Columbian. You can finally stalk these professors in a socially acceptable way by “following” them. Twitters ahoy! P.S. Follow us too!

Shamus Khan (Sociology)

  • Recent tweets:
    • “I made it into the Guardian (UK)! Posh is back, baby!”
    • “I often forget that if I assign a lot of reading, I also have to do it.”
    • “dreaming about going to a crab shack. need to hit something. and need something tasty.”
  • And get this: he reads Bwog! No worries Prof Khan, we love debbie-downers.

Paul Blaer (Computer Science)

  • Recent tweet: “Ah… inadvertent your mom joke in class. Fabulous.”

Saskia Sassen (Sociology)

  • Recent tweet: “Until July 09 World Bank held 27% of Haiti’s external debt. Today it announced this is down to 4%. goodie!!”

Sudhir Venkatesh (Sociology)

  • Recent tweets:
    • “taiwandimsum”
    • “Jodie’s phone rings. Its her mother calling. They let it go to voicemail, and they wait.”
  • He tells short stories of Amie, Jody, and Marie.

Neil Degrasse Tyson (Astrophysics)

  • Recent tweets:
    • “VENUS: Goddess of Love & all that goes with it. Proper genitive form is Venereal not Venusian. MDs got to word before we did.”
    • “StarTalk Tweet of Week: lf UFO beams you up, steal an ashtray when Alien’s not looking. Bring that to lab, not your testimony”

Chris Wiggins (Applied Mathematics)

  • Recent tweet: “My Twifficiency score is 19%. What’s yours?”

These less-than-prolific Tweeters may share the illustrious names of Columbia professors, but we wouldn’t recommend asking them about last week’s readings: