Bwog has been hanging around Joe quite a bit for the past few weeks. We’ve reviewed the vittles, invited you inside of our brain, and learned the true meaning of cupping. Below, Delicious Dessert Correspondent Diana Clarke reports on Joe’s newest addition, Robicelli’s cupcakes. Today’s flavors, Partida Tequila and Abuelita:

I almost missed National Tequila Day. Did anybody even know that was a thing? Robicelli’s, the greatest homeless cupcake bakery in the city of New York, realized it was definitely a thing when the Partida Tequila people told them. So naturally, Robicelli’s decided to make limited edition Partida Tequila cupcakes. Then everyone’s favorite new campus espresso bar Joe decided to start carrying Robicelli’s cupcakes. And that is how I came to eat a tequila cupcake yesterday in the Northwest Corner Science Building.

Frosted with pale green buttercream and topped with lime slice candied in agave, the cupcake smelled immediately of lime and butter. The frosting alone was rich and smooth but still light, and tasted of key lime pie. The cake, meanwhile, had a spongy moist crumb that didn’t fall apart, with a faint flavor of tequila. Chewy and sweet, the slice of lime offered a stronger tequila taste. Nobody got buzzed in the midafternoon, but one of my friends called the Parida Tequila “one of the best non-chocolate cupcakes I’ve had.”

Joe employees have a secret stash of cupcakes!

The Abuelita chocolate cupcake was scrumptious, too. It smelled strongly of cinnamon, before even being cut. A knife’s smooth slice revealed a dark, dense, sticky interior—nothing Bruce Bogtrotter-y, don’t worry. The cake was a delicious and punchy blend of chocolate and cinnamon, and the frosting, thicker than the icing on the tequila cupcake, a pleasing pale brown sprinkled with cocoa. Still, the Mexican aspect made me expect (and want!) some hot chili flavor. Take note, Robicelli’s!

In the meantime, go out and try whatever new flavors Robicelli’s serves today. They release a different set of flavors nearly every weekday, and past offerings include the Mint Julep (bourbon and buttercream), the Bea Arthur (black coffee infused chocolate, inspired by our favorite Golden Girl), and the Funky Monkey (banana chocolate chip cake with crushed peanuts). Haters gon hate, but Robicelli’s makes me never want to eat anything but cupcakes again.

Photos by Allen Johnson and Evelyn Warner