Are you a lazy lover? Minimum effort produces maximum results with these great Morningside Heights finds. You can even pay with Flex! Katheryn Thayer keeps you in the know!

For the Cuddly
Breakfast in bed! Bonus points if you serve with John Jay trays.

For the Alcoholic
Check out these cute love-themed ice cube trays at University Housewares!

For the Literary
Ivy League Stationers has a great variety of Moleskine journals and “fancy” pens, ranging from $10 to $75.

For the Fancy (and cheap)
Ivy League Stationers also sells watches starting at $20—and they look like they cost more! Also think about getting a Zagat guide and New York City tour books. Uber romantic date ideas in one easy-to-wrap package!

For Your Yogi
Stationers also offers Eastern treasures like Indian tea and Buddha-shaped incense burners.

For the Lonely
Enough Said.

If You’re “Culinary”
Plan an indoor picnic with side dishes, artisan cheese, and fresh breads from Milano.

Fake a homemade meal: get hot food to go from Westside Market, light candles from University Housewares, and pretend you made one of these Milano masterpieces yourself:

If You’re a Barnard Girl
No Flex? No problem! The Diana Center Café has some great items to help you feign real effort. Crumbs cupcakes and Kopali Organic chocolates are tasty and trendy treats that typically found only downtown.

For Your Friends
Pick up some premade cookies for decorating from Morton Williams and throw an anti-Valentine’s Day party.