While it's not quite warm enough yet to wear these, it is warm enough to stop by the Greenmarket. Photo via Wikimedia.

Apparently, it’s supposed to be 50 degrees or warmer today! This is weird, but we’re not going to question it. Instead, we’re probably going to stop by the Greenmarket, and you should too.

Today’s offerings include:

  • A new product—Berkshire pork. Greenmarket-ers inform us that “It’s a heritage breed of pork,” and has been “genetically unmodified for more than 300 years”
  • Ingredients for a spring salad: organic greens, exotic mushrooms, winter squash, and root vegetables
  • Handmade focaccia
  • Fresh fish
  • And the usual fare—honey, cheese, eggs, apples, cider, milk, and yogurt

As usual, the Greenmarket accepts EBT and Debit.