Another alternate Wednesday, another QuickTix! This week: Etiquette, Vaginas, and Athena.

Tickets sold for on campus events this week: 1381

On campus events on sale now:

  • The Vagina Monologues: February 11th, 9-11pm, 12th, 1-3pm, and 13th, 2-4pm, Roone, $5 w/CUID, Tickets.
  • Athena Film Festival: February 11th-13th, Barnard Campus, $5 Students, Tickets.
  • Chowdah Sketch Comedy Presents: Miss Chowdah’s Guide to Proper Etiquette: February 11th and 12th, 9pm, Lerner Hall Black Box, $3, Tickets.

Tickets sold for off campus events this week: 1336

Off campus events on sale now:

  • Nixon in China: February 19th, 8pm, $48.50, Tickets.
  • La Cage: February 24th, 8 pm, $41.50, Tickets.
  • How to Succeed: March 3rd, 8 pm, $53, Tickets.
  • Milk Train Doesn’t Stop Here: March 9th, 7:30pm, $31, Tickets.