Welcome to the Meerkat Manor

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  1. Anonymous  

    Muggles in Ruggles!

  2. Anonymous

    what the hell is going on with the housing website? am i the only one who hasn't been able to register?

  3. Seriously bwog  

    pussy pounders?

  4. ugh why do I know so much useless SHIT?!  

    "ha-ha" is a type of gate found in the English countryside. It is mentioned in Mansfield Park.

    • bwogtrivia

      I was once told that such a ha-ha is often part of a gate at the bottom of a hill that has a steeper part at the bottom. From the top of the hill, it is hidden from view, so it just looks like continuous rolling hills. Secretly, the purpose of the ha-ha is to keep sheep within the pasture on the hill. Apparently the word ha-ha also has another meaning - do to do a good deed that nobody else will ever see or know about.

  5. My email said...  

    Dear Student,

    This is to confirm you have joined Animal Planet as a member.


    Housing Services

    I was initially very confused...

  6. Darn

    ...should have named my group Hogwarts...that's the closest I'm ever getting to my dream coming true.

  7. Turd Ferguson  

    Turd Ferguson is now a member of AnacondaMaltLiquor

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